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Disruption- An Adoptee’s Perspective

The Takeaway (national morning news show) interviews Orlando Modeno, a man who lived through the experience of disruption when he was a child. Hear the interview here>>

If there is a silver lining in Artyom’s disruption tragedy, it is that people in the adoption community, and society at large are now talking seriously about, often ignored, adoption issues – the realities of older adoption, disruption, and adoption reform. Some critical points and interesting discussions are taking place on John Raible’s blog.
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Russian Adoption Scandal

The adoption world was shocked and horrified when news of Torry-Ann Hanson’s adoption disruption broke earlier this month. Along with her mother, Nancy Hanson, Torry placed 7 year old Russian adoptee, Artyom Savelyev, on a plane to Russia, accompanied by nothing but a note.

I’m hesitant to draw firm conclusions about this situation until more information surfaces. However, for those of you who are following this case, or have just heard about it here. Following are several links with more information.
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