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Subscription Giveaway

Catherine, who blogs at Mama C and the Boys, an amazing writer and one of our favorite bloggers, is running a contest to give away a free one year subscription to The Adoption Constellation magazine. To enter you can do two of three things (from her post):

1) Sign up to receive Mama C and the Boys automatically to your email using the subscription button on her sidebar, and leave a comment saying how happy you are you did!

2) tweet, fb, email, blog, or carrier pigeon about the competition mentioning @The Adoption Constellation and @MamaCandtheBoys, and leave me a comment telling me which one you did, leaving a link if possible.

3) leave a comment answering the following question; “If I could read an article about one thing of CRITICAL importance to me as a member of the adoption constellation¹ it would be; __________________” in the comments section of this post. The magazine provides a forum for all voices in the constellation, so please spread the word, and the opportunity to win.

If you are not sure how to approach that, and want some inspiration, download your free copy of the first issue of the magazine here, and find out. Then come back and write a comment. You’ll get a free entry if you tell me what your favorite article was in that issue, and why!

Already have a subscription? Don’t let that stop you! Win a free subscription to give to a friend or to donate to your local library.

We’ve increased the odds by offering another free subscription to her second place winner. Check out the full post here>>

Huge thanks go out to Catherine for running this contest!

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